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Cursillo realiza varios eventos durante todo el año. Mire para ver lo que ofrecemos. Vuelva a consultar con frecuencia, ya que los eventos se actualizan continuamente.

  • Men's Fall Cursillo Weekend 2023
    07-sept 19:00 – 10-sept 19:00
    Tiffin, 200 St Francis Ave, Tiffin, OH 44883, USA
    Men of the diocese of Toledo, come join the Cursillo Movement
  • Women's Fall Cursillo Weekend 2023
    12-oct 19:00 – 15-oct 19:00
    Tiffin, 200 St Francis Ave, Tiffin, OH 44883, USA
    Women of the Diocese of Toledo enjoy the fellowship and Love for our Lord Jesus Christ. Beginning with a weekend of fellowship, prayer, song and reflection.

Escuela de líderes - a través de Zoom:

Sábado 17 de abril de 2021. Comenzamos a las 9:00 AM. Póngase en contacto con Karen Bonen por correo electrónico a antes del miércoles 14 de abril de 2021

2021 Past Zoom SOL

Holy Hour and Closings!      
Saturday Oct. 16 at 8:00 PM
Sunday Oct. 17 at 5:30 PM   

Do to COVID 19 several changes will be in place for the protection of candidates and team members. Please see below.

1. The weekend will be mask optional.
2. The team will be predominantly mask free.
3. The team and candidates will be in close contact the entire weekend.
4. A form will be emailed to the sponsors for the candidates to sign that indicates that they are aware that masks are optional and distancing is optional. The candidates will have that form when they arrive.
5. Team members will be staying together, 2 to a room. The candidates will have separate bedrooms.
6. The week before the Cursillo, teams and candidates are to be especially observant of keeping themselves safe, sequestering if at all possible.
7. If a team member doesn’t feel good, regardless of what their role is, they are asked to STAY HOME. It is better to have a smaller team or delay the weekend, if necessary, than to make people sick.
8. The Secretariat will make the decision whether a weekend would be canceled.
9. 4th Day bringing Palanca to the weekend will be placing it in a drop box outside the building near the Palanca Chapel (at the rear of the building). People who are not candidates or on the team will not be going into the building.
10. If the 4th Day wants to spend time in prayer while coming to drop off Palanca during the weekend, they will be directed to the Basilica.
11. The Serenade is currently planned to be outside.
12. 4th Day will be asked to wear masks at the Closing and sit in the rear of the church away from team and candidates. Closing will be held in the White Church. There will be no Embrazio.

¡Hora Santa y Clausuras!

Sábado 18 de septiembre a las 8:00 PM

Domingo 19 de septiembre 15 a las 5:30 PM

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